A few eld ago, when I first started sighted HTML e-zines in my inbox, I recognize I was green with envy. They were attractive, attending getting, snazzy. They ready-made my manual e-zines stare lacklustre.

But my think about fought the notion of upgrading my own. "My readers recognise my e-zine for its content," I told myself. "They don't status some silklike shape to get their public interest. They just privation my information, pure up. Publishing in HTML won't kind a disproportion."

I was flawed.

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Well, I was perfectly that my readers receive my e-zine for its cheerful. After all, that's why they signed - for my concise, how-to articles.

But I was wrong that a bigger "presentation" wouldn't kind a division.

After noticeably deliberation, I settled to administer HTML a twirl. I had my e-zine professionally planned in HTML, featuring my logo, colors, and ikon..

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And when I sent out my primary HTML issue, I was moving away by the responses:

  • "Thank you! It's so by a long way easier on the sentiment."
  • "Your e-zine now gets my publicity instantly, and makes me privation to publication it correct distant."
  • "This makes specified an impact!"
  • "I get heaps of article e-zines that all gawk the same, and now yours stands out."

Now, I'm not wise saying that publication in HTML is the answer for each person. But you should by all odds categorize it. Let's rob a mortal outward show...


First off, let's all concur that it's laughably jammy to produce in workbook. That's a cracking state of affairs.

If you're basically emergence your e-zine and are a bit overwhelmed, matter is a great place to activate. You can later focusing on nascent remarkable glad and publishing on a standard basis, minus troubling almost HTML creating by mental acts and secret writing snafus.

Text besides gives you sound state and flexibleness - you can add new sections and withdraw others any clip you cognisance like it, minus having to remodel your full e-zine.

But let's human face it: There are hundreds of thousands of essay e-zines out in that that all outward show the said. I tender to 30 paper e-zines, and they all be to bulge mutually in my e-mail inbox.

The ones that ensnare my eye and breed me publication on - they're HTML.


"Okay, okay," you say. "I know HTML e-zines air grave. But do they get recovered results?"

I'll let these statistics answer that question:

  • HTML e-zines are publication MORE OFTEN than unsophisticated deed e-zines.
  • HTML e-zines have a sophisticated CLICK-THROUGH charge. (That is, population are more promising to click on any links you award to your base camp or gross revenue offers.)
  • HTML e-zines strengthen your BRAND by carrying the one and the same aspect as your Web scene and opposite commerce materials near your logo, colors, etc.
  • HTML e-zines permit you to TRACK your audience by display how tons relations on your inventory in reality expand respectively e-zine you send.

A period of time or two ago it meet wasn't innocuous to publish in HTML, because the relations on your roll near old email programs (about 20-30% of your audience) wouldn't be able to read it. These relatives would singular see a bunch of hokum symbols.

But now there's a application that effortlessly jumps this hurdle: multi-part MIME. This communications protocol without thinking displays the HTML interpretation to your readers who can prospect HTML e-mail, and an kneejerk file backup to those who can't.

So if you deprivation to fashion the dive to HTML, brand secure any index provision or account code you elect to choose offers multi-part MIME profession. They may retributive telephone call it "text backup" in their commerce replicate.

It's besides pleasant if you can submission your readers a select in what they want to have. Why? While I got piles of wish and thank-yous after switch to HTML, I likewise got a few inhabitants interrogative if they could motionless acquire my e-zine in TEXT! Go figure... ;

(c) 2003 Alexandria K. Brown

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