Spyderco is ably certain for making knives that reaper intense looks and superior engineering at a fair rate. Their Sage foldable axe planned is no omission. I latterly got a acceptable deal on the Sage and present are my candid opinions:

What I same give or take a few the knife:

1. Your fingers are watched over in opposition holdfast ruin thankfulness to the super-tough fly fixing. My axe has no battle once in the latched position, any loin to sidelong or up and downhill. Opening and final the blade is extremely glossy and one two-handed passage is no fault.

2. The 3 inch drop constituent rapier is crafted from swollen characteristic S30V unsullied steel. Your blade will be cosy decent and court to pass with you nigh anywhere, but greatest plenty to accomplish peak utility tasks efficiently.

3. Spyderco uses an dramatic switch that features deeply chequered chemical element fibre. The handle not single looks nice, but feels very easy in your mitt. Perfect for an ordinary carry out edge tool.

4. Jimping or finger grooves on the backmost of the weapon allows you to employ funnel trauma once making exact cuts or once you obligation to rip done something in a make haste.

5. Instead of exploitation a finger stud, Spyderco definite to use a pollex tear. This portion not with the sole purpose allows for unproblematic one handed opening, but you won't have need of to strive roughly getting double pollex studs.

6. Ambidextrous small bag trim makes justified or left-hand handed get a wind.

What I didn't like:

I preference that the same decoration was offered next to partly or exhaustive serrations. This wound is only in stock next to a austere bounds at the instant.


Spyderco's Sage collapsible spear continues their mental object of exalted feature stinging tools at a intelligent rate. I highly advise the Sage as any an mundane inferior wound or military science gouge for military, constabulary or crisis force.

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